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Hiking is a sport for everyone. Hardly any other leisure activity is so uncomplicated. The limits, from a simple walk to a difficult alpine hike, adapt to individual preferences and personal fitness. Hard-working or lazy, sporty or leisurely, old or young, experienced or curious, romantic or sociable - everyone finds hiking fun. Hiking knows hardly any boundaries.

Where nature begins right on your doorstep, it makes you want to climb the next peak or stroll along field and meadow paths. For those who want something more, we recommend the Oberstaufen mountains. As a guest of our house, you will receive a 15% discount on all offers of the Oberstaufen mountains

The Allgäu is known for its numerous anddiverse hiking trails. Oberstaufen offers you 300 km of hiking trails with various performance requirements. We guarantee you an unforgettable nature experience.

Circular hike to the Imberg summit 

approx. 150 minutes - easy hike
From Steibis Festhalle you hike the footpath over the Imberg-Alpe to the Imberg summit. Enjoy the view. The alpine path takes you via Waltners Alpe (alpine dairy) back to Steibis.

Circular hike Oberstiegalpe-Unterlauchalpe 

Walking time approx. 90 minutes - easy hike
From the Hochgratbahn valley station, hike to the Unterstiegalpe junction, then continue via Unterstieg-Melk to Mittelstiegalpe. Then turn left along a footpath to Oberstieg Alpe. From there you go back past the Schilpere Chapel to Unterlauchalpe and back to the Hochgratbahn valley station.

Hike around the Imberg 

approx. 180 minutes - medium to easy hike
From the Irnberg mountain station to the Obere Bergmoos Alpe to the Remmeleck Alpe, down to the Lanzenbach, through the gable forest. From there take the country road back to your starting point. A tip: The bus to the Imberghaus is a good option for this hike.

Hike over the Bärenloch 

approx. 120 minutes - easy hike
From the Imberg mountain station, follow the alpine path to Hohenegg-Alpe. Down the valley on the footpath towards Bärenloch, through the longwood forest, on the Riegel path to Steibis.


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