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Aroma oil massage 
with scented oils of your choice. A warming and activating feel-good treatment (50 min.)





EUR 86,-

Hot stone back massage  

Warm stone massage brings the body into balance and a deep relaxation phase

(45 mins)

EUR 86,-

Hot stone full body massage
Warm stones are gently moved over the body using a special massage technique. Gaining strength and relaxation are the result (80 min.)

EUR 129


Full body massage
(50 mins) EUR 82,-

Back massage

(45 Min.) EUR 78,-

(30 min.) EUR 45,-

Full body massage
with subsequent facial massage (60 min.) EUR 86,-

Facial massage
including head (30 min.) EUR 45,-

Foot massage
(30 mins) EUR 45,-

Foot reflexology treatment (50 min.) EUR 82,-


Detoxifying salt whole body pack & Original source
warm cloths soaked in a salt varnish that are wrapped around the body. There are also liver wraps. Supportive for weight loss and to reduce cellulite and water retention in the body. Particularly good for the acid-base balance.


(50 mins)  EUR 56,-
(80 mins)  EUR76,-

Full body peeling/primal spring
Full body peeling for the acid-base balance with sea salt and olive oil.

(30 min.)  EUR 45,-

Full body peeling/primal spring

Full body peeling with sea salt and olive oil followed by a facial massage.

(60 mins)  EUR 96,-

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