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Nordic walking is conventional walking with (special) sticks. As simple as the term and method are, this new form of movement is even more effective. In Scandinavia, around 20% of the entire population regularly moves in this way. Classic, conventional walking becomes a very effective whole-body workout without any special additional effort, which therefore has very good training effects.


  • is easy and quick to learn,

  • can be exercised anywhere and at any time,

  • is 50% more effective than walking without sticks,

  • improves general fitness and endurance, even at low speeds,

  • increases the heart rate to the optimal level for burning fat (good as an active measure for weight loss),

  • trains aerobic endurance, strengthens the cardiovascular system and strengthens the upper body muscles,

  • relieves muscle tension in the shoulder and neck area (tightens the muscles there and in the arms),

  • supports the maintenance of bone density and the suppleness of the joints,

  • relieves strain on the musculoskeletal system (therefore well suited for people who are overweight or have knee and back problems),

  • provides a safe running feeling and trains balance (even on slippery surfaces),

  • is the most suitable outdoor sport for rehabilitation after sports injuries,

  • is a form of exercise with minimal risk of accidents,

  • mobilizes life energies and clears the way...


There are 12 routes with a total length of 88.8 km available in Germany's largest Nordic Walking Park. The routes are divided into three categories and signposted.

Easy route in mostly flat terrain on good ground.

Middle distance with various climbs and route lengths from 5 km. You should already have some training for these routes.

Difficult route with partly steep climbs on partly more difficult ground. You should already be experienced in running and well-trained when tackling these routes.

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