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The nutritional advice is based on the ancient findings of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
The Five Element Meal Plan makes it easier to balance your energy. 
Specially selected nutrition is the basis of our life. Body, soul and spirit need the appropriate nutrition to find balance.
The climate and the seasons also influence us physically and mentally. The five-element diet increases the well-being and vitality of our body.

  • How dynamic or relaxed am I really?

  • What can I do about digestive problems, obesity, sweet cravings and many other complaints?

  • How do I identify high-quality food so that my tissues do not become a repository for waste?

  • Does my diet suit my constitution? How do I warm my cold feet or cool my hot temper?

  • How do I use the aromas to boost my metabolism and - last but not least - my mood?

A diagnosis is made based on the tongue, the pulse and a detailed questioning. This gives you the opportunity to get a clear picture of your health constitution.

Nutritional advice

according to the 5 elements with a tongue finding.

(60 mins) EUR 82,-

Any further follow-up advice 

according to the 5 elements (also possible by phone or online).

(60 mins) EUR 70,-

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